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the definition of Incentive is A thing that motivates or encourages one to do something. something that gives people a reason to obey the law, get a job, and anything that involves living in a society.   At the moment the most important incentives in my life are,graduating from high school is a reason to stay on top of my work, getting a job so i can get paid so that i can use the money to do things on my own. A good incentive for students to come to class on time would be like chances for extra credit, the 95% attendance rate to go to school events,  just being able to understand what the class is doing by coming in on time and catching the beginning of class , and hall sweeps because no one wants to go to detention for not getting to class on time once. The unintended consequences of these are if students have an excellent grade in class and have no need for extra credit, if they think that school events arent worth their time and they could care less if they dont go, and ususally when there is a hall sweep students just leave the school so they cant get caught in it or they dont go to the detention assigned because they think hall sweeps are stupid and they arent going to give the administrators the satisfaction of  “hey the hall sweeps are working”.


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