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For the compared countries we chose the U.S. , Barbados, and Iran.  Iran’s economy, once one of the Middle East’s most advanced, has been crippled by the 1979 Islamic revolution.  Iran’s economy remains bur­dened by high inflation, corruption, costly subsidies, and an increasingly bloated public sector, and educated Iranians continue to seek better opportunities overseas. Corruption pervades all branches of government. Resorting to a court system infected by bribery and cronyism. people living in iran have to live with terrorism, and corruption in the courts because the government doesnt do anything about it. Employment regulations are restrictive, and the labor market remains stagnant. Monetary stability is weak, and tight government controls distort price levels. Barbados, a member of the british commonwealth. The Democratic Labor Party won the 2008 elections, ousting the business-friendly Barbados Labor Party after 14 years in power.  Barbados has transformed itself from a low-income, agri­cultural economy producing sugar and rum into a middle-income economy built on tourism and offshore banking. The state manages de facto monopolies for some products. The investment climate has improved, but much investment activity is subject to government approval, and certain activities are prohibited to foreigners. it seems the economy of barbados is the strongest next to Iran, and the U.S.’s economy is the strongest of the three.


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