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what makes me want more or less of  my favorite food is based on how much I want it.

1. If I want to have my favorite food really bad then the demand increases.

2. If i cant get my favorite food from one place, then I go and look somewhere else that will have it, or I buy it along with an added little side.

3. If I have the money I can get the best, if I am a little short on money then I could settle for mediocre.

4. If i suggest my favorite food to other people then the demand goes up because more people will want it.

5. If  people expect their food to be awesome but it turns out gross then their expectations will determine their demand for the product.

6. If the food has ingredience that are grown and the growing process is interupted by bad weather then the demand for the product will increase because the unavailability will cause comsumers to want it even more.



Regarding community service i have a location, i have not gone in to talk to them yet, its called max fund its a no kill animal shelter in denver and they even have a volunteer program for students in high school who are doing a project. i plan on seeing them either this week or next.



  1. You have the T, I, and B, but need to work on related goods, expectations, and seasons/weather.

    Remember to focus on buyer behavior . . . do you eat more burgers in summer or winter? why?

    Expectations have to do primarily with expectations around price, not quality.

    Related goods – what would you eat with hamburgers?


    Revisions due by 3/20

  2. how is community service going?

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