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Monthly Archives: May 2012

LoganMullins                                                                                                                                    P2                                                                                                                                            4/15/12

Community Service

    For this project I had to go and do community service at the Maxfund no kill animal shelter.  Here they take in animals that are stray or unwanted and they train them and put them up for adoption.  My job there was to fold laundry, clean dishes, clean windows, sort dog toys, file adoption contracts and dog files.  This type of Community service is valuable to society because these dogs and cats are homeless and the staff at the shelter gives them a place to stay and spay and neuter and prevent disease to make them suitable to live in a society and a house hold.

Community service is valuable to the economy because it provides labor without pay.   Leaving room to focus money on more important things like medical care for the sick animals or the animals that just need nurturing back to health, animals that need to be trained to be a little more acceptable before they are adopted off, and they can focus their money to bring in more cats and dogs to find them homes.

To me this project meant that I was making the lives of these animals a tiny bit better, but better non-the-less. I got to spend a little one on one time with some of the animals and it gave me a chance to connect with them and teach them how to trust people and be more social.  With the help of the volunteers these animals will eventually be able to be sent off to homes where they will be sheltered, fed, and loved.